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Benefits of Gold

Why Add Gold to your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)? Gold has many benefits.  Apart from the tremendous monetary value of the precious metal (that has actually been a currency for historically even longer than one of the oldest currencies – being the British currency which has over 1,000 years on it, but gold has over 3,000 years), what many people do not know is that gold also has healing values.

First, gold has healing properties. 24 karat gold has been proven to heal wounds and control infections.  Indeed, historically it was believed that it possessed an energy which could bring powerful vibrations to the body to aid healing. It can also regulate body temperature as well as improve blood circulation.

Second, gold is extremely widely-used for making jewelry, often chosen over other precious metals.  It does not react with atmospheric moisture which means it is not subject to rusting.  It is also classic, comes in a variety of designs and is thus good for people of all ages.

Third, gold is often seen as a status symbol and is hence often used for marriage proposals in engagement rings.  As a market value, it is always on the rise due to its well-entrenched reputation and value since prehistoric times.

Fourth, there are many varieties of gold including:  yellow, white and pink, so based on preferences one can enjoy gold at any stage of life.  Often yellow gold is more suited to older women whereas the youngster may select white gold (which looks like silver) for their jewels.

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GPS Navigators

Almost before every motorists sooner or later the question arises, what GPS receiver you choose? And at this moment he is faced with a mass of suggestions in this class of devices, often have little distinguishable from its competitors. Practically Navigators are trained to operate MP3 players, photo viewers, and more often, and video. If your model has Bluetooth, it is necessarily a function Hands free, but not necessarily download traffic information. In this review we will try to stop on the distinctive features of the auto manufacturers and highlight the most interesting of their proposal (Article will be supplemented and updated as the expansion of our range). In order to not to offend anyone, let us move in alphabetical order. Read additional details here: W.S. Badger. Digma – a manufacturer of inexpensive and quite reliable navigation. They do not put super-processors, new operating (not to be confused with the navigation) systems, high-capacity battery (a major disadvantage).

In Navigation rest completely on the level, but given the price level, so all wonderful! Looks very nice and neat. The most popular model is, of course, Digma DM430B. Less than 6000 p. Can be obtained from the navigator tracking traffic and Bluetooth! This is the best quote to date. As an added bonus – the identification of traffic police surveillance cameras. Digma DM350 – small and cheap navigator that will just work. We offer this in the navigator Included with the program navigation Navitel. Digma DM435 – it's the same Digma DM430B, just out of it removed all the bells and whistles pleasant, leaving only the basic functions, reducing to the limit price for the navigator 4.3 inches.


When a web Navigator you want to buy something online, it passes through three stages of research. Web navigators, usually begin with General keywords. After learning more about a product or service in particular, they use more specific keywords. And as soon as the web browser knows what he wants, he uses very specific keywords, allowing you to compare products or services, and finally deciding to purchase. 1.

General keywords to navigate: during the investigation phase, web surfers use General keywords to find information. For example, a web browser might be interested in an mp3 player. The keyword that the web Navigator could be used in the search engines could be:-mp3 player people using keywords to navigate, normally only are seeking information. The keywords for browse, typically have a high volume of searches. Getting a Top 10 position for these General key words is very difficult and at times impossible, especially for a site He begins. It is unlikely that a web Navigator that uses such generic key words buys something.

2. Key words to compare in the second stage of research, web surfers reduce your seleccionporque now know that product type they want to. For example, the web Navigator could have found that it is interested in an MP3 player with port USBy 1 GB of RAM. The key words of these web surfers will be masespecificas: mp3 player 1 GB player mp3 player usb less $100 player mp3 player trekstor mp3 samsung mp3 port. People using key words to compare is much better prepared to buy. To compare, keywords are probably the best keywords that you can aim in your search engine optimization campaign. They often have a volume of searches much lower than General keywords, but lead to more sales and it is much easier to get a Top 10 position for these 3 keywords-words keys to purchase during the final phase of research, web surfers know what they want to buy. They are only looking for a web site that will make you the best offer. For this reason, these web surfers use only very specific keywords: trekstor i.beat cebrax 1 GB trekstor i.beat cebrax 1 GB free shipping philips SA178/07 1 GB people using keywords to buy now is willing to buy. It is therefore necessary to focus on this kind of words to get appropriate results on the internet.

Nadine Laertz Wiesenstrasse

DasTelefonbuch for Medion Navis with GoPal 5 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, February 17, 2010 if you have a Medion navigation device with the new software GoPal in version 5, can his Navi now with current contact information of DasTelefonbuch Germany upgrade. So phone numbers and addresses of individuals are as accessible as hotels, amusement parks and company on the road. The phone book upgrade for your navigation device is available oJustify Rightnline feature the shop of Medion GoPal Assistant. How does it work? Simply start the wizard, connect the appliance and in the shop will automatically display the correct version for the shared navigation system. For only 12.95 euros, Medion GPS owners can purchase the GoPal application including all directory data and easy to install on your device. The GoPal application directly via the phone book shop of TVG-Verlag ( will soon be available. With information products on CD or DVD-ROM it will then also be possible, the data on the Navigation device to transfer.

If you have no information CD – or DVD-ROM, can download the nationwide phonebook. Prices: from 9,95 euros. Benefits for frequent travellers and mobile users all desired data are transmitted, the navigation device easily leads one to the selected target. Who found an address in DasTelefonbuch, can just take them in route planning and then directly going to lead. Owners of mobile phones with Bluetooth interface can call also found phone numbers directly from the mobile phone. All of this comes not only with the new sat-nav software GoPal 5.

The previous variants 3 GoPal and GoPal 4 also offer these opportunities for integration. The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national information products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services around the theme for commercial use are a further focus data quality in its product portfolio. Press contact TVG Verlag GmbH & co. KG Nadine Laertz Wiesenstrasse cabin 18 60329 Frankfurt phone: (0 69) 2 57 86-46 56 fax: (0 69) 2 57 86 46 05 Internet: telefoncd PR agency Xpand21 GbR Ellen Konig Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 325 0917 17 fax: + 49 40 325 0917 19 E-Mail: T Internet:

Outdoor Navigation Based

OpenStreetMap and navigation software by FootMap existing GPS devices make the cheap outdoor navigation OpenStreetMap (OSM), an open source project, provides freely usable geodata that does the company FootMap from Hildesheim to the enhancement of existing navigation-enabled GPS devices such as Smartphones, PDAs or mobile navigation systems. FootMap is an unconventional path: the navigation software with special cards for the outdoor navigation easy on commercially available SD cards shipped. After inserting the SD memory card for the upgrade is done and the extensive navigation software is now available. It is not necessary to install of the software. Cheap OpenStreetMap as day volunteers, similar to Wikipedia, collect new geographic information with their GPS devices, the maps from OpenStreetMap will ever better and more complete. Unlike the usual updates of maps, which are gained through expensive disk must exist for the Users of FootMap a cheap subscription option. Visit Steven Holl for more clarity on the issue.

Fixes to easy on the SD card. Since the basis of the maps is the free data from OpenStreetMap, no additional license fees. The great richness of detail of the cards makes the outdoor guide premium class products FootMap hikers, bikers, geocachers, riders, skiers or city traveler depend on driving more cards. “The outdoor navigation software track & trace” or find & route “always shows where you are and on what route a goal is achieved. An intuitive user interface ensures safe use in city and terrain. Ideal functionality for the Outdoornavigation routing is only one reason to use the navigation software from FootMap. There are many more reasons: the simple map can be adjusted so, that on request the countless points of interest (POI) appear as such attractions.

The extremely detailed maps with zoom function can be Unhide. An Info window provides information on current GPS coordinates, height above sea level, the speed and distance. Just these features particularly appreciate geocachers. Made tours and walks are recorded by GPX data and managed. All inner city maps are available Germany wide. No additional costs, such as online or telephone charges arising from the use. Press contact: FootMap GmbH Mr. Ralf Hoffmann Richthofen-str. 29 31137 Hildesheim telephone: 05121 708750 eMail: of FootMap: the FootMap software company is a company in which engineers are working on intelligent solutions in the area of Outdoornavigation. A device such as PDA, Smartphone and mobile navigation system becomes the outdoor Guide, which supports the position and path finding. FootMap develops customized applications for the leisure sector, tourism associations and local authorities, and offers solutions for use in commercial applications, such as in the agriculture, forestry and trucking companies. The products take advantage of the free World map from the OpenStreetMap project.

Hulbees Cloud

Who runs a website, knows the problem: on the one hand, it should be as informative as possible, no important content is missing. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland, September 14, 2009. Anyone looking for something on the Internet, want to come quickly and easily first and foremost to a result. Any professional website needs so a navigation easy to use and good search capabilities. A simple search screen where you can enter single words, is not enough for the visitors. Nor will help mostly the sitemap, which represents only an overview of the structure of bases, without allowing detailed conclusions on their contents. The Hulbee data cloud replaces both: this is a cloud of words that make up the main content of the site.

The visitor clicks on any of the terms in this cloud, he receives a new data cloud with terms from the context of the first term, as well as a list of search results on bases, which include the first elected term. Is still not the desired search result doing? With further clicks within the data cloud, the user further narrows the search. The data cloud makes him active proposals, what meaningful way he can take in his search for relevant information on a Web page. He must so don’t even think about as he puts his query best so that he finds the right result. Data cloud is optically not equal tag cloud are likely to many Internet users of the data cloud feel reminds clouds already known day, are already using many Web site operators. But the technology that is in the background at Hulbee, is another. While tag clouds from the titles of pages or the names of documents are generated, Hulbees data cloud reverts to full texts. It recognizes important key words and contexts in full text, as well as semantic relationships. The data cloud so represents a handy tool for operators of professional and complex websites, for example, publishers, authorities, online-shops or blogs, which is a great help to the visitors.

New Dimension

With the Bendix/King AV80R ACE GoFly pilot card details and site profile expected navigation in a new dimension not more and not less in view of the pilots at the new Bendix/King AV80R ACE GoFly: on the large LCD display screen size can be with 7 easily read maps with all relevant information and can be operated easily via touch screen. The device relies on a European aeronautical database and shows all the important information such as air spaces, airfields and NAV-AIDS with clear moving map display. In addition to the map optionally a profile view is convenient on the display have space so pilots also terrain, air navigation obstacles and air spaces in the views at any time perfectly. The AV80R ACE GoFly can be used either in portrait or landscape format. In addition to its large display, it offers numerous technical options are convincing in their practical application: as traffic alerts of the PCAS XRX via an optional cable can be fully integrated, a Bluetooth interface you can also easily connect an alternative GPS system or even your mobile phone. More than just a navigation device for flying another decisive advantage of the device is its versatility. This also allows other applications outside of the aircraft: So it can be used as a player for numerous multimedia applications, just as easily play MP3 files, as it can handle the AV80R ACE video formats also is a consumer electronics for long car trips or the time on the passenger seat. By the way: With an optional European maps SD card it works comfortably in the car as a navigation device.

The 550 grams light Tester there at Siebert aviation supplies ( the aviation supplier delivers it together with various accessories, such as, for example, depending on a control Horn and a suction cup mount, two batteries, power supply, charger, a cigarette lighter cable and a USB data cable. Also carry bag, earphone, and extensive Manuals on CD-ROM are included of course with it. Contact for inquiries: Siebert aviation supplies GmbH’s route 40 D-48159 Munster phone: + 49-251-92459-3 fax: + 49-251-92459-59 E-Mail: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:

Hamburg Mobile

In the box, handy, good: mobile navigation in the complete package cooperation of Dasortliche and Hamburg Media House (HMH) makes it s possible. Dasortliche lands in a coup in the navigation market with the o-NAVI loadable via SMS on the mobile software. Free of charge provision of software for the users is made possible by subtle ads that fit to the navigation target of the car driver, pedestrian or cyclist. Now follows the second coup: through the cooperation with the Hamburg Media House (HMH) comes a comfortable two-in-one package with software and GPS receivers on the market. It appears under the user label zoneLINK.

Interested buy zoneLINK mobile Navigator”from 23 November for only 89.99 euros in specialist shops. The o-NAVI software is compatible with a variety of phones and routes across Europe House numbers exactly. The software is based on the award-winning mobile navigation activepilot”and leads motorists thanks to the TMC function to every traffic jam. With the integrated phonebook Dasortliche looking his goal simply a name or a phone number and o-NAVI routes directly to the correct address. PI Industries is full of insight into the issues. This is true regardless of whether the users on foot, travelling is by bike or by car. The extra small and ultra-light award-winning GPS receiver included in the package BT-GPS-8 GPS fits in any pocket and connects via Bluetooth with the phone.

“Our o-NAVI software has been really well accepted by users, and our download numbers tell us that mobile navigation is gaining in popularity,” as Barbara Faber, Managing Director, Dasortliche service and marketing Gesellschaft mbH by the cooperation with the Hamburg-based media House we expect the software a further penetration of the market. “as we with zoneLINK in summer this year have built our own Publisher label for application software, we wanted to offer from outset good software for a good price. And a good price, even with navigation systems, was for us to stay well under 100 euros. Now this is the cooperation with Dasortliche “managed,” so Dr. Thomas Volcker, Managing Director of the Hamburg media Haus Vertriebs GmbH. In shops around the corner buys the user his complete package, installed the software and immediately has a guaranteed compatible GPS receiver. ” Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: 089-12007277 Web: E-Mail:


Participate in 5 or 8 forums with great popularity since they receive thousands of visits daily and is as if were participating in hundreds of forums with low popularity. Your opinion is not always well received by the participants, so do with malicious messages or insults? simply ignore them otherwise you will lose credibility with your readers. Visit the forums regularly to keep you abreast of the issues under discussion. The concept is simple you return once or twice a week to the forums of your choice and respond or makes some comments about the subject under discussion and your signature is read by the participants and other people associated with the Forum and something mas never directly invite the participants visit their site Web, your signature does it for you. For assistance, try visiting Walton Family Foundation. 3. Advertising with banners.

A banner is a graphic that aims to capture the attention of the Navigator so that you press on it and serve as a link to the advertiser’s website. Advertise with banners is very attractive, however the result that can be obtained is very poor because effectiveness ratios have fallen to 1% or even less. If you decide to try advertising with banners it is advisable to hire advertising pay per click (guaranteed visits) or a campaign of banners Exchange that ensure a flow of target audience between the two sites. Tips for creating a successful banner: a banner charging time is a critical factor; the sooner best results will load, they are no more than 10 kb in size, a standard banner is 468 60 pixels. Trying to do that your banner resembles the content of a web page, for example, if your site background is white, he designed the banner with a white background and text color blue or black, borderless. The word free is key to the effectiveness of banners, if you offer You must mention something free on your web site.

Fugawi Brings Outdoor Navigation On The IPhone

Fugawi brings out now iMap outdoor navigation on the iPhone Toronto, Canada – Northport Systems Inc., manufacturer of Fugawi, a navigation software that is widely used in Germany, bringing, an application of topographical maps for the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and the new iPad. With iMap, the official topographic maps of the Federal Agency for cartography and geodesy for throughout Germany can be used. The scales 1:25 000 are included 000 and 1:200 000, 1:50. The intuitive interface provides an interface to Facebook, including real time navigation display with information about the current position and managing waypoints. The ideal companion to hiking, biking, fishing, geocaching, or other outdoor activities includes an extremely comfortable waypoint Editor: just tap to a point to drop and this with your finger if necessary move. In addition to the topo maps also the maps on Google maps can be used allowing to get a satellite view and global coverage. With just a tap, you can simply switch between the two views.

Photo Waypoints can be transferred easily to Facebook, where they are represented in an interactive map that you can share with his friends. “We are to provide the most powerful navigation options proud outdoor enthusiasts and forward our offer by Fugawi iMap app expand.”, said Robin Martel, President of Northport systems. “The iMap application provides easy-to-use, convenient card features that Fugawi will in the future develop through free updates.” Fugawi iMap: Germany can be purchased in the iTunes store:… Frank M. Vollinger

Better DEHOGA Star Classification

Better DEHOGA star classification by the growing importance of guest reviews Hotel Navigator is no longer indispensable in today’s Web 2.0 landscape. This is taken into consideration in the criteria of the DEHOGA classification and Star award as well. The use of quality management tools from Hotel Navigator causes, that the hotel owner receives more points for Star classification. “The German hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA, confirmed that the Hotel Navigator in the current set of criteria under the point of offer design” contributes to fulfil the following criteria: No. 243: systematic dealing with guest complaints support through the Hotel Navigator: support of complaint management: 1) complaint submission by guest via online questionnaire or guestbook > hotel is notified of the complaints by the Hotel Navigator cockpit report 2) evaluation and recommendation for action (alert function). DEHOGA points: 3 No.

244: systematic survey support through the Hotel Navigator: creation of a individual online guest questionnaire DEHOGA points: 5 No. 245: Mystery guesting support through the Hotel Navigator: are carried out in cooperation with the KIRSCH consultancy (official DEHOGA accredited). More information under: DEHOGA points: 15 No. 250: online bookings through electronic booking systems or your own homepage support through the Hotel Navigator: implementation of a booking system to increase direct bookings DEHOGA points: 5 No. 252: invitation to departing / traveled from guests, to make an assessment of the hotel’s services on a portal or your website support through the Hotel Navigator: active review request of guests after departure on your own machine. “Email delivery tool, as well as by means of on-site assessment sticky notes” DEHOGA points: 5 achievable DEHOGA points with the support of the Hotel Navigator a33 the fulfilment of these criteria brings the hotel up to 33 extra points towards the hotel star. A hotel, such as a 3-star classification seeks up to 13% of the necessary minimum points obtained the services of Hotel Navigator. With Q certification ServiceQualitat Germany, he can cover portfolios through the use of the Hotel Navigator even up to 17% of the necessary minimum points.

Meanwhile more than 200 hotels and hotel chains use successfully the Hotel Navigator alone in Germany as a quality management tool for ensuring a high level of quality. For more information about HOTEL NAVIGATOR under: company profile Hotel Navigator: Navigator hotel is leader when it comes to insert external as well as internal guest opinions profitably for the hotel. The Hotel Navigator quality seal combines all relevant online evaluation portals and evaluate also their ratings. In addition the Hotel Navigator anticipate an on-site survey sheets. Thus arises a meaningful value to the quality of the hotel. Profitable usage both external (reviews from leading review sites) as well internal (on-site won Reviews) Guest reviews. The potential guest an objective opinion about the hotel makes it easy to make. Representation of daily summarized guest opinions with a single click on the seal on the hotel’s own website. “Bribe in particular from many further advantages for the hotelier: more direct reservations on your own website easy monitoring of guest reviews in the leading review sites increase customer loyalty and time – and cost savings by following Hotel Navigator-news the hotelier can expand its quality management tool: individual questionnaire: flowing daily into the evaluation of the Hotel Navigator as a private hotel Portal” with a. Facebook interface: integration of the guest comments on your Facebook fan page with direct booking facility. Competitors comparison: You can compare your hotel with up to nine other competitors according to various criteria.