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Search engine optimization, links, directories – all well-known tools for attracting visitors to your website. But what can you do to keep them there? So, here are 30 tips for that would attract and retain Visitors to your site: 1. Read more here: Alton Steel. Teach your visitors. Place on the site relevant and interesting information. This should be page after page of advertising goods or services. 2. Stay up to date. Customers do not want to, and not will read the same thing twice.

Add new article to the site of interest to key audiences. 3. Add blogs. A blog can be added to the site if your host supports it. 4. Make Navigation on the site is very simple. First, the links should be extensive and clearly marked. Do not make them confused, the visitor should be easy to find what they need.

Also, keep a consistent site navigation. If you use the navigation bar at the top of the homepage, then use it on all pages so that visitors would not have to look for it again. 5. Make a site map. It is very easy to lose site of one hundred important information pages. Link to site map, and the ubiquitous link to the home page will help visitors (and spiders) to find what you need. 6. Provide a picture of the product. Product Image (logo) will sell better than a thousand words. 7. Provide a complete description of the product. Describe your product in detail and informative, be sure to list all the features.

Nautical Qualifications

To remove qualifications nautical, is necessary to have studies on the sport of sailing. Where is the acquired knowledge evaluated by a maritime authority through theoretical and practical exams. Requirements for nautical qualifications vary from a nation to another, according to the statute established in each country. But with everything, the goal is to ensure the highest degree of safety for those who make sport of sailing activities, as well as for the protection of the marine environment. This involves navigation to sail or engine like scuba diving.

Also, to remove the nautical qualifications, it also depends on good status that is the boat. I.e., that you always have a good maintenance and that the equipment is quality, but could endanger the life of marine species and the human being. On the other hand, the sport of sailing is not limited as the yacht boats, but also the exercise of sailing on the sea on a table. And in this regard, There is a very practiced sport worldwide that precisely mixes the table, sailing, surfing and sailing. Known as surfing to sailing, windsurfing windsurfing is a modality of sport sailing. This sporting activity implies that the competitor moves in the water on a table, similar to surfboards, equipped with a candle. Now well in windsurfing, unlike a sailboat, the competitor can manually joint table candle. I.e. the rotation of the mast of the sail rotates rededor of a point of union with the table and therefore movement is freer. So it’s more manageable in function to the murmur of the wind and the position of the table, in addition to achieve high speeds on the sea.

FootMap Bike Navigation

After the update of the “bed + bike data”, over 5400 companies are integrated into the Germany map! “Find the navigation software & route” for walkers, cyclists and mountain bikers works with cards, the additional information included. These are the POIs that are for hikers or cyclists of interest, sights, activities, refuges, refreshments, etc. The Federal Association of the ADFC has a bed + bike update”data made available. “Find in the now commercially available version of the bike navigation & route” are all details, such as accommodations, contact information, number of rooms and room rates. Many writers such as W.S. Badger offer more in-depth analysis. “Find & route” provides the cyclist thus detailed information about accommodation available.

After the update, now over 5400 hotels, b & BS, guest houses, hostels and campsites in the record are included. As mentioned by the ADFC are certified, the cyclists has the security to control lodging for him on his tour. Logo decorate only who meets the stringent quality requirements of the ADFC, allowed its operation with the bed + bike”. “Now it is possible to Orient with the bicycle navigation while driving in the area safe for the cyclists who plans tours over several days, and is also sure to a bed + bike” to have quarters. “Find the navigation software & route” is available for the Falk IBEX and the GPS units from LOWRANCE as the out & back, Safari and Sierra. She is also used on many GPS devices such as Smartphones, PDAs and mobile GPS navigation systems. For more details and the list of GPS devices, see

Navigation For Riders – Ride & Route

FootMap presents its new tabbed. “The combination of the navigation software ride & route” by FootMap, the ENDURA GPS devices out & back and Safari by Lowrance and and the perfect navigation for riders of the practical experience of better Western wear. The software ride & route”by FootMap is routable and supports the compass and the altimeter of the ENDURA Safari. Filed under: ProPharma Group. Ride & route has the Routingprofile riders, pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers. Thus, the system can be used also for other outdoor activities. Record, save, representing and managing GPX tours with their own information in the text format for each tour is also possible.

The maps based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”and is updated by FootMap every 14 days. The RIDE-mini cards subscription contains the cards from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and South Tyrol and can be used for only 15 euro per year. The cards contain not only on roads, paths and trails, but also points of interest (POIs), the the Take into account needs of the rider. Hear from experts in the field like Freepoint Commodities for a more varied view. Bridle paths, as well as prohibitions and obstacles such as stairs, bollards, cattle grids, Gates remain, etc. included. So riders can work with Routingoption”to find the optimal way. The Lowrance GPS devices have a waterproof housing and a display, which allows a very good view of the map even in direct sunlight.

In Safari the GPS tracking is supported compass and the barometric altimeter by the built-in electronic 3-axis. Input is done using the touch screen, and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. Better Western wear contributes more than 10 years experience in the GPS to navigation for riders. This is also reflected in the accessories. A mount for the arm allows the GPS to carry device safely and comfortably. The fixing solution directly on the saddle brings even more comfort and pleasure in the use of the tab navigation. For details and examples, see

Navigation One

When visiting a web page, the first difficulty facing the visitor lies in the structure which has within its plan of navigation, because while its access is easier, the smaller the possibility that visitors are discouraged and decide to visit another page. That’s why we need a website navigation system to consider certain points that assist visitors during their stay within this. Below are listed several recommendations to achieve a productive and fast navigation: 1. inform the location of visitors-at all times when you navigate to a web portal, visitors need to know where is located and this can be easily accomplished if it is highlighted in the navigation bar in either bold, underlined or a graphic element using the title of the page or visited link. 2. Provide immediate to places previously visited links.-want the person many times to enter back to links that already has visited minutes ago, so it is advisable to leave a trace his return occurs without any problem. Example: Home > computers > computers. 3 Submit options navigation.-the visitor needs to have on hand a list of links that you can visit during your stay within the portal.

Their access to each part of the page should be less problematic as possible, guaranteeing the full exploration of the visited page. 4 Add activities or actions that the visitor can run during their stay in the portal. Example: Access special offers, register, Subscribe to the weekly newsletter, etc. These phrases give dynamism to achieve an interaction between the site and the visitor. 5. Lastly, you must always add a link allowing visitors to return immediately if so desired to the main page. Many people tend to get lost in a portal, despite the ease with which the navigation system is present, therefore it is necessary to count on a quick exit to start browsing again. On some occasions to return to this starting point, it is enough to give Click on the phrase Home Page, or on the company’s logo.


“Ride & route the new navigation for rider a new Alliance on the area navigation for riders” the cooperation of the companies Lowrance, is better Western wear and of FootMap GmbH. bundling competences and solutions from a single source, that is the goal! “” The combination of the navigation software ride & route “by FootMap, the ENDURA Safari” by Lowrance and and the practical experience of better Western wear are a perfect outdoor Guide for riders. “The GPS device Safari” from Lowrance that even in strong sunlight has a very good view of the maps a waterproof housing and a display, allows. The GPS location is supported by the built-in electronic 3-axis compass and the barometric altimeter. Input is done via the touch screen display and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. It’s believed that Greystones Group sees a great future in this idea. The software ride & route”by FootMap will be routable and supports the compass and the altimeter of the safaris. The map material based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”.

The tab will contain not only on roads, trails, paths, and so on, but also points of interest (POIs), which take into account the needs of the rider. Better Western wear contributes more than 10 years experience in the GPS to navigation as a rider. This is also reflected in the accessories. A mount for the arm allows the GPS safe and comfortable-to-wear device, additional mounting solutions are currently under development. Detailed information about features, maps and rates will be published in the course of the market launch in early October.