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Better DEHOGA Star Classification

Better DEHOGA star classification by the growing importance of guest reviews Hotel Navigator is no longer indispensable in today’s Web 2.0 landscape. This is taken into consideration in the criteria of the DEHOGA classification and Star award as well. The use of quality management tools from Hotel Navigator causes, that the hotel owner receives more points for Star classification. “The German hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA, confirmed that the Hotel Navigator in the current set of criteria under the point of offer design” contributes to fulfil the following criteria: No. 243: systematic dealing with guest complaints support through the Hotel Navigator: support of complaint management: 1) complaint submission by guest via online questionnaire or guestbook > hotel is notified of the complaints by the Hotel Navigator cockpit report 2) evaluation and recommendation for action (alert function). DEHOGA points: 3 No.

244: systematic survey support through the Hotel Navigator: creation of a individual online guest questionnaire DEHOGA points: 5 No. 245: Mystery guesting support through the Hotel Navigator: are carried out in cooperation with the KIRSCH consultancy (official DEHOGA accredited). More information under: DEHOGA points: 15 No. 250: online bookings through electronic booking systems or your own homepage support through the Hotel Navigator: implementation of a booking system to increase direct bookings DEHOGA points: 5 No. 252: invitation to departing / traveled from guests, to make an assessment of the hotel’s services on a portal or your website support through the Hotel Navigator: active review request of guests after departure on your own machine. “Email delivery tool, as well as by means of on-site assessment sticky notes” DEHOGA points: 5 achievable DEHOGA points with the support of the Hotel Navigator a33 the fulfilment of these criteria brings the hotel up to 33 extra points towards the hotel star. A hotel, such as a 3-star classification seeks up to 13% of the necessary minimum points obtained the services of Hotel Navigator. With Q certification ServiceQualitat Germany, he can cover portfolios through the use of the Hotel Navigator even up to 17% of the necessary minimum points.

Meanwhile more than 200 hotels and hotel chains use successfully the Hotel Navigator alone in Germany as a quality management tool for ensuring a high level of quality. For more information about HOTEL NAVIGATOR under: company profile Hotel Navigator: Navigator hotel is leader when it comes to insert external as well as internal guest opinions profitably for the hotel. The Hotel Navigator quality seal combines all relevant online evaluation portals and evaluate also their ratings. In addition the Hotel Navigator anticipate an on-site survey sheets. Thus arises a meaningful value to the quality of the hotel. Profitable usage both external (reviews from leading review sites) as well internal (on-site won Reviews) Guest reviews. The potential guest an objective opinion about the hotel makes it easy to make. Representation of daily summarized guest opinions with a single click on the seal on the hotel’s own website. “Bribe in particular from many further advantages for the hotelier: more direct reservations on your own website easy monitoring of guest reviews in the leading review sites increase customer loyalty and time – and cost savings by following Hotel Navigator-news the hotelier can expand its quality management tool: individual questionnaire: flowing daily into the evaluation of the Hotel Navigator as a private hotel Portal” with a. Facebook interface: integration of the guest comments on your Facebook fan page with direct booking facility. Competitors comparison: You can compare your hotel with up to nine other competitors according to various criteria.

PTV Group New

Android systems with their very favourable price-performance ratio increasingly conquer the logistics market. Karlsruhe, 25.03.2013. Android systems with their very favourable price-performance ratio increasingly conquer the logistics market. Steven Holl takes a slightly different approach. The new version of PTV Navigator truck 8 for Android offers a lean product and navigation design, finger-to-use menus, and new features. Special Note: The navigation system of the PTV Group is the first that features around the eco-tax, the middle of the year will be introduced in France. Version 8 is now available.

The new design with quick menu simplifies the finger-operated selection of basic functions, for example switching on a 3D or night view or the volume control. Several card designs are selectable in the menu and the intelligent display of information provides the correct view the driver in any situation. Also target selection and properties are available through the menu. The hazard and the speed Warner have also acoustically during the optical drive and on request Speed violations and speed traps there. The application interface is in two versions: Classic and modern. The interface for the communication with other programs (API) is simple, intuitive and offers many ways of interacting.

So the navigation system can be, for example, with a Dispositionsapplikation, to manage the orders to driver and much more. PTV Navigator 8 is one of the first navigation systems, which focuses on the eco-tax in France. The routes the driver can install as also the toll on the eco-tax routes display, the number of kilometres of these sections, as well as eco-tax service stations, a black box for the settlement. Also helpful: Just as toll are also eco-tax routes of navigation as far as possible, avoid. Source: PTV AG


The fundamental property that produces the drink Ayahuasca, is that of awakening our consciousness to think and rethink, to discover and re-discover, increasingly, our infinite consciousness, it puts some daily inactive or neutralized brain functions in activity. Ayahuasca takes you to their magical world. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eric Corey Freed has to say. Gives you, it teaches you and you cure. Ayahuasca is not a chemical relationship but a magical relationship. To be understood first has to learn to feel its dimension, and as they say the shamans, using heart and not the head. Ayahuasca is part of the sacred rites of the Amazonian and Andean indigenous peoples. They consume it to make decisions, to heal, to resolve conflicts intra-family intratribales.

Ayahuasca has a medicinal role, as food, to resolve conflicts and to originate them, to gain the courage to take an important decision, etc. Ayahuasca allows us to experience a car psicapia of psychedelic regression through which one manages to recognize psychic evolution that has developed our consciousness. This process of understanding profound, the sense of our life, personally experienced, has its correlate in the historical process which we are living. Thus, one is humanized and naturalized with the awareness that causes the Ayahuasca. Whose purpose is the exploration of consciousness at all levels. It consists of a recognition of everything that is stored in our consciousness and sub-consciencia and identification of infinite mental potentialities. The flow of the session can take paths that pleases, without taking into account the wishes of the psychonaut. Transpersonal psychology, notes that a guide, who will take the way that it deems most appropriate for each context Navigator exists within every person. What to do is no more than let yourself be carried away by whichever. If you want more information about ayahuasca can click on the following link: ayahuasca original author and source of the article