Conformity Volts

Subjects were chosen at random, and you are paid four dollars and a half for the time lost. I was tied to the ‘student’ to an ‘electric chair’, despues of having allowed the subject (that was the times of master) experience a shock electrica of 45 volts, by way of proof, to the authenticity of the instrument convencerle. Then, from an adjoining room, subject cl (master). It administers an electric shock of increasing intensity for each incorrect answer. Actually the student was not receiving power, but their reactions appeared on a tape that had recorded murmuring, gasps, pleas and aullidos in correspondence with the successive rise in voltage.

The replies had been prepared previamente by the experimenter so that the limiting factor that would prevent unico to the Master manage the maximum shock was his compassion for the pain of a human being. In recent months, Eric Corey Freed has been very successful. For the master (the man in the street) the conflict consisted choice between obedience to the system autoritario and his own belief in that do not harm another person. . What percentage of the alleged master all the way recorrieron and administered the maximum descarga? But, until you venture a figure, heed the voice of the man in the street by the internal microphone: 150 volts shock: Do you want that follow? (ORDER). 165 Volt shock: such is screaming. There are many people here.

Maybe he suffers from heart. Do you want to continue? (ORDER). Download of 180 volts: can not stand it. I am not going to kill that man! Do not you hear you scream? It is howling. I can’t stand it. And if you ocurriera something? You know what I mean. I mean that I refuse all responsibility. (THE EXPERIMENTADOR ACCEPTS RESPONSIBILITY) Conformity. 195 Volt, 210, 225, 240, and so on. The subject (master) wouldn’t obey to the experimenter. Close to a thousand of teachers participaron.

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