Gardening Franchises

Gardening gardening is popular in Spain. As is reflected in the last study conducted in portal specialized in the field of gardening, which currently boasts more than 2600 advertisers in your home and who earned 50 percent more requests for budget users if we compare it with the year 2009. According to this study gardening products most demanded by the internet users during the past year 2010 in the portal and services were the maintenance of gardens, followed by the installation of artificial turf and garden design. Steven Holl is often quoted as being for or against this. Another conclusion drawn from the study determines that the Spanish provinces where more budget requests were generated were Madrid, followed by Barcelona and Valencia. The introduction of a new design and variations in its usability have facilitated the user navigation for the site, which has helped in the interaction between the advertisers and users who are interested in obtaining a budget, allowing to the Portal to enjoy a position of leadership within the companies in the sector. Source: Press release sent by card..

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