When a web Navigator you want to buy something online, it passes through three stages of research. Web navigators, usually begin with General keywords. After learning more about a product or service in particular, they use more specific keywords. And as soon as the web browser knows what he wants, he uses very specific keywords, allowing you to compare products or services, and finally deciding to purchase. 1.

General keywords to navigate: during the investigation phase, web surfers use General keywords to find information. For example, a web browser might be interested in an mp3 player. The keyword that the web Navigator could be used in the search engines could be:-mp3 player people using keywords to navigate, normally only are seeking information. The keywords for browse, typically have a high volume of searches. Getting a Top 10 position for these General key words is very difficult and at times impossible, especially for a site He begins. It is unlikely that a web Navigator that uses such generic key words buys something.

2. Key words to compare in the second stage of research, web surfers reduce your seleccionporque now know that product type they want to. For example, the web Navigator could have found that it is interested in an MP3 player with port USBy 1 GB of RAM. The key words of these web surfers will be masespecificas: mp3 player 1 GB player mp3 player usb less $100 player mp3 player trekstor mp3 samsung mp3 port. People using key words to compare is much better prepared to buy. To compare, keywords are probably the best keywords that you can aim in your search engine optimization campaign. They often have a volume of searches much lower than General keywords, but lead to more sales and it is much easier to get a Top 10 position for these 3 keywords-words keys to purchase during the final phase of research, web surfers know what they want to buy. They are only looking for a web site that will make you the best offer. For this reason, these web surfers use only very specific keywords: trekstor i.beat cebrax 1 GB trekstor i.beat cebrax 1 GB free shipping philips SA178/07 1 GB people using keywords to buy now is willing to buy. It is therefore necessary to focus on this kind of words to get appropriate results on the internet.

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