The fundamental property that produces the drink Ayahuasca, is that of awakening our consciousness to think and rethink, to discover and re-discover, increasingly, our infinite consciousness, it puts some daily inactive or neutralized brain functions in activity. Ayahuasca takes you to their magical world. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Eric Corey Freed has to say. Gives you, it teaches you and you cure. Ayahuasca is not a chemical relationship but a magical relationship. To be understood first has to learn to feel its dimension, and as they say the shamans, using heart and not the head. Ayahuasca is part of the sacred rites of the Amazonian and Andean indigenous peoples. They consume it to make decisions, to heal, to resolve conflicts intra-family intratribales.

Ayahuasca has a medicinal role, as food, to resolve conflicts and to originate them, to gain the courage to take an important decision, etc. Ayahuasca allows us to experience a car psicapia of psychedelic regression through which one manages to recognize psychic evolution that has developed our consciousness. This process of understanding profound, the sense of our life, personally experienced, has its correlate in the historical process which we are living. Thus, one is humanized and naturalized with the awareness that causes the Ayahuasca. Whose purpose is the exploration of consciousness at all levels. It consists of a recognition of everything that is stored in our consciousness and sub-consciencia and identification of infinite mental potentialities. The flow of the session can take paths that pleases, without taking into account the wishes of the psychonaut. Transpersonal psychology, notes that a guide, who will take the way that it deems most appropriate for each context Navigator exists within every person. What to do is no more than let yourself be carried away by whichever. If you want more information about ayahuasca can click on the following link: ayahuasca original author and source of the article

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