Outdoor Navigation Based

OpenStreetMap and navigation software by FootMap existing GPS devices make the cheap outdoor navigation OpenStreetMap (OSM), an open source project, provides freely usable geodata that does the company FootMap from Hildesheim to the enhancement of existing navigation-enabled GPS devices such as Smartphones, PDAs or mobile navigation systems. FootMap is an unconventional path: the navigation software with special cards for the outdoor navigation easy on commercially available SD cards shipped. After inserting the SD memory card for the upgrade is done and the extensive navigation software is now available. It is not necessary to install of the software. Cheap OpenStreetMap as day volunteers, similar to Wikipedia, collect new geographic information with their GPS devices, the maps from OpenStreetMap will ever better and more complete. Unlike the usual updates of maps, which are gained through expensive disk must exist for the Users of FootMap a cheap subscription option. Visit Steven Holl for more clarity on the issue.

Fixes to easy on the SD card. Since the basis of the maps is the free data from OpenStreetMap, no additional license fees. The great richness of detail of the cards makes the outdoor guide premium class products FootMap hikers, bikers, geocachers, riders, skiers or city traveler depend on driving more cards. “The outdoor navigation software track & trace” or find & route “always shows where you are and on what route a goal is achieved. An intuitive user interface ensures safe use in city and terrain. Ideal functionality for the Outdoornavigation routing is only one reason to use the navigation software from FootMap. There are many more reasons: the simple map can be adjusted so, that on request the countless points of interest (POI) appear as such attractions.

The extremely detailed maps with zoom function can be Unhide. An Info window provides information on current GPS coordinates, height above sea level, the speed and distance. Just these features particularly appreciate geocachers. Made tours and walks are recorded by GPX data and managed. All inner city maps are available Germany wide. No additional costs, such as online or telephone charges arising from the use. Press contact: FootMap GmbH Mr. Ralf Hoffmann Richthofen-str. 29 31137 Hildesheim telephone: 05121 708750 eMail: of FootMap: the FootMap software company is a company in which engineers are working on intelligent solutions in the area of Outdoornavigation. A device such as PDA, Smartphone and mobile navigation system becomes the outdoor Guide, which supports the position and path finding. FootMap develops customized applications for the leisure sector, tourism associations and local authorities, and offers solutions for use in commercial applications, such as in the agriculture, forestry and trucking companies. The products take advantage of the free World map from the OpenStreetMap project.

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