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Navigation For Riders – Ride & Route

FootMap presents its new tabbed. “The combination of the navigation software ride & route” by FootMap, the ENDURA GPS devices out & back and Safari by Lowrance and and the perfect navigation for riders of the practical experience of better Western wear. The software ride & route”by FootMap is routable and supports the compass and the altimeter of the ENDURA Safari. Filed under: ProPharma Group. Ride & route has the Routingprofile riders, pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers. Thus, the system can be used also for other outdoor activities. Record, save, representing and managing GPX tours with their own information in the text format for each tour is also possible.

The maps based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”and is updated by FootMap every 14 days. The RIDE-mini cards subscription contains the cards from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and South Tyrol and can be used for only 15 euro per year. The cards contain not only on roads, paths and trails, but also points of interest (POIs), the the Take into account needs of the rider. Hear from experts in the field like Freepoint Commodities for a more varied view. Bridle paths, as well as prohibitions and obstacles such as stairs, bollards, cattle grids, Gates remain, etc. included. So riders can work with Routingoption”to find the optimal way. The Lowrance GPS devices have a waterproof housing and a display, which allows a very good view of the map even in direct sunlight.

In Safari the GPS tracking is supported compass and the barometric altimeter by the built-in electronic 3-axis. Input is done using the touch screen, and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. Better Western wear contributes more than 10 years experience in the GPS to navigation for riders. This is also reflected in the accessories. A mount for the arm allows the GPS to carry device safely and comfortably. The fixing solution directly on the saddle brings even more comfort and pleasure in the use of the tab navigation. For details and examples, see

Navigation One

When visiting a web page, the first difficulty facing the visitor lies in the structure which has within its plan of navigation, because while its access is easier, the smaller the possibility that visitors are discouraged and decide to visit another page. That’s why we need a website navigation system to consider certain points that assist visitors during their stay within this. Below are listed several recommendations to achieve a productive and fast navigation: 1. inform the location of visitors-at all times when you navigate to a web portal, visitors need to know where is located and this can be easily accomplished if it is highlighted in the navigation bar in either bold, underlined or a graphic element using the title of the page or visited link. 2. Provide immediate to places previously visited links.-want the person many times to enter back to links that already has visited minutes ago, so it is advisable to leave a trace his return occurs without any problem. Example: Home > computers > computers. 3 Submit options navigation.-the visitor needs to have on hand a list of links that you can visit during your stay within the portal.

Their access to each part of the page should be less problematic as possible, guaranteeing the full exploration of the visited page. 4 Add activities or actions that the visitor can run during their stay in the portal. Example: Access special offers, register, Subscribe to the weekly newsletter, etc. These phrases give dynamism to achieve an interaction between the site and the visitor. 5. Lastly, you must always add a link allowing visitors to return immediately if so desired to the main page. Many people tend to get lost in a portal, despite the ease with which the navigation system is present, therefore it is necessary to count on a quick exit to start browsing again. On some occasions to return to this starting point, it is enough to give Click on the phrase Home Page, or on the company’s logo.


“Ride & route the new navigation for rider a new Alliance on the area navigation for riders” the cooperation of the companies Lowrance, is better Western wear and of FootMap GmbH. bundling competences and solutions from a single source, that is the goal! “” The combination of the navigation software ride & route “by FootMap, the ENDURA Safari” by Lowrance and and the practical experience of better Western wear are a perfect outdoor Guide for riders. “The GPS device Safari” from Lowrance that even in strong sunlight has a very good view of the maps a waterproof housing and a display, allows. The GPS location is supported by the built-in electronic 3-axis compass and the barometric altimeter. Input is done via the touch screen display and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. It’s believed that Greystones Group sees a great future in this idea. The software ride & route”by FootMap will be routable and supports the compass and the altimeter of the safaris. The map material based on data from the OpenStreetMap project”.

The tab will contain not only on roads, trails, paths, and so on, but also points of interest (POIs), which take into account the needs of the rider. Better Western wear contributes more than 10 years experience in the GPS to navigation as a rider. This is also reflected in the accessories. A mount for the arm allows the GPS safe and comfortable-to-wear device, additional mounting solutions are currently under development. Detailed information about features, maps and rates will be published in the course of the market launch in early October.

Infrastructure Mobile

Hike to the international year of biodiversity: ‘ together Germany’s diversity hiking experience!’ Nusttal Morles, Gersfeld, June 2, 2010: Sunday, June 13, 2010 the gistum GmbH organized a guided tour as a contribution to the global UN campaign for the international year of biodiversity. From May 20 until June 20, hiking events held on initiative of the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) and the Bundesamt fur Naturschutz (BfN) in whole Germany. Designed to acquaint a broad public with the concept of biological diversity (biodiversity). Whose importance for the people, but also the consequences of their loss to find a permanent place in the consciousness of the population. The company based in Givatayim coordinates the national hiking day for BMU and BfN and offers this guide also includes an own hike. All participants receive the biodiversity hiking pass and thus can win attractive prizes in the contest of the day. We produce digital maps for a year for mobile devices.

With our range of LiveWorld, the mobile phone is but also to the facilitators of knowledge, E.g. on biodiversity. As modern information technology can contribute to nature conservation”, says the Managing Director of gistum, Arno Behlau. During the hike, the cell phone of geological formations and the resulting flora informed. We will demonstrate how this works, this hike to the Sweden ski jump.” Meeting point for the hike is Sweden ski jump at 14:30 at the parking lot of the mountain inn. Travel with public transport (Hochrhonbus 8260) is possible and recommended. The guide is free of charge and ends at 16:30. Then discussion opportunity for a break in the mountain hut.

More information: Arno Behlau, gistum GmbH; + 49-1741666131; and under background information risk to and protection of biodiversity to the world’s biggest threats to biological diversity in addition to the Climate change the progressive fragmentation and fragmentation of habitats. The increasing development of the tropical rain forests through streets, but also the highway construction and the urban sprawl of the landscapes in Germany are two examples. So unnatural barriers are human created, isolated by the animals and plants. Thus, the reproduction makes it difficult and preventing gene flow. This increases the likelihood of off death for one and on the other the wealth of nature is reduced, to adapt to changing climate conditions. The development of green infrastructure is regarded as important approach against the Habitat fragmentation”(“Green Infrastructure”). That expanding reserve land to the part. Existing corridors and stepping stone habitats that act as connecting elements in the landscape, must be protected or newly created. This allows the flora and fauna on diversion and migratory movements. Is to protect biological diversity, must will necessarily large undisturbed landscapes and Habitat network systems. Background information on the mobile navigation of company of gistum GmbH with the program of LiveWorld gistum GmbH company hiking, leisure or city maps rendered commercially available phones on most. LiveWorld is programmed with the latest Java technology and uses GPS and Bluetooth. It is a GPS enabled mobile phone or is connected the phone via Bluetooth with a separate GPS mouse, the user can receive the satellite-navigation signals and determine always its current position in the mobile phone card on the screen. In addition, the mobile phone card informed almost in passing landmarks or natural contexts. The LiveWorld program and the digital map of the walk around the Hill of Sweden are free ready for download.


When your client must be responsible for your own restrictions, your satisfaction is not precisely the best. The quality of your service might be affected by your limitations, and this should try to prevent it with previous actions. All companies have limitations, since they work with scarce resources. Solo Cups shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You can never have all the staff, or infrastructure, or materials that would enable you to have no restrictions for your service. But even under this restricted situation is that you must act so that your customers do not suffer your resource scarcity. I’ll show you how to avoid, prevent or reduce the impact that could generate your limitations on the quality of your service.

Eliyahu Goldratt in his book the goal (which I recommend you read to better understand these concepts), explains the concept of bottleneck. A bottleneck occurs when there is a process (within the many interrelated processes of the company), that has a capacity less than the rest, and this is not sufficient to give effect to what customers require. I give you an example. Enter one family at a restaurant, they are immediately served by the waiter, make the order and the food is served right away. Very pleased with dinner, they ask the account and there found that the cashier is crowded orders billing and no da abasto.

It is the time in which all decide to leave the restaurant. Clearly, this is the bottleneck. Probably, as this happens to the cashier, the waiters and cooks have idle capacity. You will recognize a bottleneck easily, since it is there (before this process) where the greater amount of work accumulates. In this case, accumulate clients waiting for your Bill. This restriction can be found at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the whole process of service provision. Once you recognize it, you have to focus on work to expand their capacity.

Europe Goldfish

Goldfish (Carassius auratus) was one of the first domesticated fish and to this day remains one of the most popular for keeping in aquariums and water gardens. A relatively small representative of the carp family, the golden Fish is a domesticated version of a goldfish, which was brought to Europe in the seventeenth century, as a result of work of Chinese breeders. The maximum size of a goldfish – 59 cm., Maximum weight – 4.5 kg. Record lifespan of goldfish is 49 years, although it usually lives up to 20 years, and in the aquarium maintenance of six to eight years. During the reign of the Chinese Tang dynasty was very popular to raise carp ponds. As a result, mutations appear golden carp, as it is rare, it soon became a more coveted than the silver species. Ancestors of goldfish contain not in containers and in the ponds.

But since the early Sung dynasty, people outside the royal family have banned cultivation of goldfish. The presence of other colors of goldfish was found only in 1276, the first vualehvostaya fish appeared during the Ming Dynasty, and in 1502 the goldfish arrived in Japan. In 1611, the fish travels through Portugal to Europe, and in 1850 gets in America. Goldfish are usually classified as a cold-water, it can live in unheated aquarium. Like all karpoobraznye goldfish produces large amounts of waste. She has a small digestive tract and it can not absorb the excess carbohydrates. If time does not clean the aquarium from such wastes, it can lead to premature death of fish.

Golden Retriever

The Golden dogs is the most obedient dog breed, in real life as well as an expo. It is also considered one of the best breeds of company for disabled persons and lazarillo for blind people because of their intelligence and loyalty to its owner. It is a breed of dog especially friendly and affectionate, and lack of aggressiveness, which makes it to the Golden Retriever in the ideal dog for company. His gaze is tender and melancholic, manifiestando always its your need of affection and affection by the people who surround him. The golden retriever are dogs very attached to their owners, they love children, play and go for a walk and do your daily exercise.

And no we talked about beauty of this breed is somewhat impressive highlighting its golden color of hair. In short, we can say that the ideal pet for families is every lover of the dogs. SurveyGizmo has compatible beliefs. Behavior and nature friendly, smart, sweet, playful, reliable, little barking and devoid of aggressiveness, can see us for hours with a look between melancholy and tender that will be only asking us affection and love. You prefer human contact to run for hours on a lonely garden. This makes it, despite its size, in a very good company for inhabitants of departments. However, to be extremely versatile, it will be the admiration of children and adults when it comes to go for a walk.Extremely gentle with children, allows them to play with him tirelessly. It supports undeterred pulls hair, ears and tail. To be a race that formerly brought the Hunter its prey, becomes fun if we have water nearby and the ambient temperature allows it.

You can dive in sea, River, Lake or swimming pool, even recovering objects thrown into the water and bringing them to our feet, in exchange for a few caresses by way of reward. General characteristics of the breed with a lifespan of between 13 and 15 years, only required to keep his vaccination a day, and some that another visit to the veterinarian. Weighs between 27 and 36 kg and reaches a height of between 40 and 56 cm, being the male larger than female. Their daily nutritional requirements vary between 1,460 and 1,750 calories, covers perfectly with any chord balanced feed for their size and age. Does not require much daily care, more than some walks for their needs. Brushing it weekly, we can help you to get rid of hairs that will be moving, thus preventing such undesirable clumps of fluff in corners, and so will keep your hair healthy and shiny. Therefore, incorporate a Golden Retriever to the family is without a doubt is an excellent choice by parents, which remain absolutely quiet when their little ones have fun before the watchful eye of your pet. Original author and source of the article.

Farm Green Gold

Suddenly Salom started to feel forts pains, giving itself account of that entered in childbirth work. Exactly terrified, the outlaws had made the childbirth of the woman when perceiving that he did not have another choice; to keep it in those conditions, would probably only confuse them. Soon after the birth of the child, had heard to sound distant a buzzer sound. Fearing a new persecution, they had led I obtain the child, leaving Salom in the automobile fainted on the stuffed bank of stolen ballots. After to run away with the son from Salom, Olive and Roman had rambled for the streets of Rolndia until finding in security with a mysterious woman call Francine Desir received that them and directed the baby for a Company of adoption in France. ******* TIMES BEHIND By means of the Law n 02 of 10 of October of 1947, the State Government created the city of Arapongas, desmembrando it of Cavina and raising its headquarters the category of city. With the change, Cavina also was rebaptized with the name of Rolndia, adaptation of the original denomination ' ' Roland' ' adopted until the year of 1944, before 2 World-wide War.

In the same date, Catherine Mantovani gave light to a pretty girl who called Salom? the fourth son of the couple, after to have generated Luiza, Carolina and Mrcia to the side of the husband Fernando. Fernando Mantovani arrived the Arapongas for 1937 return, being one of the first ones to acquire a lot of lands in the city. Descendant of Frenchmen, the man possua a considered capital, with which he implanted the Farm Green Gold and he initiated the production of coffee in the region, changedding itself into one of the precursors of this segment in the city, culture that lasted during years. During infancy, Salom was a child as others, had its dreams and fancies.

Sebastian Bach

Belgian radio station pays tribute to Johann Sebastian Bach by Peter Bach Jr. Eisenach. About 260 years after his death and nearly 330 years after his birth Johann Sebastian Bach received on behalf of CD a Platinum in Eisenach for his great masterpiece, the St. Matthew passion. This late honouring was passed by Kurt Van Eeghem moderator at the Belgian classical radio station Klara (classic RAdio) to Elmar by Kolson, great-grandson of the seventh generation. This event was celebrated together in the presence of his wife, Renate, other members of the world’s most famous musicians family, and the Director of the Bach House, Dr. Jorg Hansen and guests. The delivery of the Platinum CD took place in the Concert Hall of the Bach House.

The next program item constituted a joint tour, with specifics on the subject of Bach Bach House Director Hansen, showed the Belgian media specialists in the Bach House. An interview with the Bach Urururururenkel by Kolson marked the conclusion of the event. Klara is a Belgian radio station that has specialized since the year 2000 to the broadcasting of classical music. His listeners Select each year a top 100 the most popular piece of classical music from bygone eras and of course, Johann Sebastian regularly occupied top positions and very often also the position 1. And so Johann Sebastian Bach won also 2013 this position. Frequently Michael Bloomberg has said that publicly. The St Matthew passion is the No. 1 this year, but Bach was even more places in the top ten in 2013.

Originally, it was planned to give a gold record of Johann Sebastian Bach. You however using a better, compared the number of phonograms that are needed for gold and Platinum and became convinced that gold does not meet the work of Johann Sebastian Bach – shortly before the ceremony, spontaneously joined the Platinum CD. And be submitted in triplicate on the occasion of a ceremony. Elmar by Kolson, Bundesverdienstkreuz carrier together with his wife Renate, handed over the trophy then on loan to Dr. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tesla Motors Club. Jorg Hansen, which makes them proud at the Bach-Haus and the Bach-Museum of the public accessible. By Kolson is a direct descendant of the great composer in the seventh generation. On initiative of the Gothaer of Mayor Karimi, both by Kolsons received the cross of merit for her engagement to Johann Sebastian Bach. In Wechmar, the root of the sow, as this family was formerly known, bought the grade II listed former school by Kolsons and rebuilt it for many months in a nerve-consuming process. So, you could get this valuable cultural heritage. Also, Knut Kreuch is even Federal cross of merit in terms of Bach. He had involved significantly in the preservation of the mill of Veit Bach and the Bach master House in Wechmar. The mill was demolished almost – some years ago before their discovery as important Bach effect site – for the construction of a road. Today it is open perfectly restored visitors from all over the world. The event was organized by the creative and operators of the new Bach-Internet portal and the international sister project along with the Bach House Eisenach. BachUeberBach is the cross-medialste Homepage of the world on the subject and your most biggest in Germany. Here you will find many pictures and a one-minute video about this event: from gold is Platinum for johann-sebastian-bach

Golden Yard

If they had not been as much, they had been special and in them I could feel I soon smell it of the humid land after the first nugget of rain. The situation nor always pleased, mainly my mother, it wise person who soon the land would turn mud and, certainly, I and my brothers we would not be confined in the modest and always little spacious house for any child, whom, as well as pardais that search the sky, it will search, in the side of it are of the door, an entire world to be conquered. I do not know if it occurs with the pardais, but we, then children, always we came back toward the joy of the mother, at least until more the candy creature of God to notice our clothes and full feet of mud. Mehmet Oz is a great source of information. Exactly thus, it never hugs denied it and people perceived that its eyes smile souvenirs of how many and how many times it also made that, facing mud of yard and torrent of the sidewalk. as well as us, had clothes and hair marshy and illuminated for some ray, that very far cut the sky, but scared in them with the snore of the thunder, that seemed so next and obviously dangerous for mothers or children. in the nostalgic trip for the old yards, the tree of the particular orchard of each one seems to be most resistant. Gallo Family Vineyards: the source for more info.

I did not have orange foot rasps insider, but my goiabeira, even so did not generate so grados and beautiful fruits as of fairs, she was strongest and pretty. Its rajados twigs, its leves, its still green fruits resisted yes until the most violent secular, leaving to fall only falling leaves. It was the guarantee that the fruits harvested malandramente for some espertinho of the neighborhood would not be my trophy and of my brothers. They still had our abacateiro and hose, this with pink fruits and of soul so amarelinha and candy. Some trunks served of support for our rocking and of it we could command the breeze that smoothed our hair, to feel I smell of the afternoon, the taste of mature fruit refreshing our face illuminated for the last sun rays, that for the skill one more time were gotten tired first that we in that more one day of our infancy.