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Iannis Xenakis

Xenakis thought, that the vertical city or “container” ashe named it is much more successful framework. the city reminds “the receptacle” which contents can be changed. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Red Solo Cups has to say. From “electronic poem” by Le Corbusier to “polytopes”byIannis Xenakis. Architectural concepts of both authors were realized in other arts where music occupy the particular place. In 1956 as a result of the offer of the popular electrotechnical firm “Philips” Le Corbusier has created the concept of the “electronic poem”. It what a multimedia synthetic performance with participation of light, color, of the film projection, constructed of sound distributed in the space especially for it. This pavilion became sensation and has caused many disputes on the world exhibition EXPO 58 in Brussels.

For demonstration of “Poeme electronique” Corbusier wanted to create the pavilion, which accommodated of 500 persons, and invited little-known architect and the composer from Greece – Iannis Xenakis; Edgar Varese composed the musical accompaniment. In this Le Corbusier’s project as well as in his architectural works, the light projection becomes the main subject of attention. He spoke about it: I built not Philips pavilion, but on “Poeme electronique”. All things participate in internal part of the performance, a sound, light, colour, and a rhythm. The space has been formed by on ex-terrier of pavilion 8. The plot of “Poeme electronique” (which he named “stomach”) represented the original ritual – the audience during 600 seconds walked along the pavilion and saw the film; at first this film what accompanied by E. Varese’s music during 480 seconds and then 120 – by I.Xenakis’s music. Hundreds of light cameras and lamps merged with a sound and color, submitting rhythm to a performance and imitating a current of days a dawn, a sunset, stars and lightning. The pavilion interior had got a complicated structure, thanks to combination of the real space of parabolic hyperboloid and virtual space of a film projection.