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Golden Times

In this brief analysis where we pledge efforts to synthecize the possible maximum a subject that per decades became the center of the attentions of the bahian south culture, the reader will have the chance to know or to go deep themselves at least curious questions and to trace a parallel enter these in regards to the paper of the innumerable ones said colonels of the cacao and of the too much regions of Brazil. Emblematic citizens who still populate today the imaginary one of many writers and historians, as well as of any individual in all part of the country.

Man of strong personality, owner of immense and valuable properties, a patriarch, leader of its numerous clan, possessor many times of a small seted troop, the colonel of the cacaueira region was an individual rude and powerful where its decisions in general brought great consequncias for the local society are in the economic aspect or politician. At last, we wait that the reader analyzes critically the most varied points of view of this article and takes off its proper conclusions concerning this so debated subject for the Brazilian historiografia – the amadeana that says in them – but that always it surprises in them disclosing points we interessantssimos of our history. Word-key: Colonel; Society; Bahia; Cacao; To be able. The FIGURE OF the COLONEL Feared or respected the certainty is that the life of the colonel was always the main subject of ‘ ‘ wheels of conversas’ ‘ in the bars, parties, in roas of cacao or any meeting that occurred in the south region of the Bahia until middle of Century XX, but it was over all in ends of Century XIX that the figure of the colonel was more present in this society.