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Life Navigation Goes Web

The Internet portal launches with new features, there are a lot of new interactive features and typical Web 2.0 features. Perhaps check out Alton Steel for more information. Lifenav sees itself as a provider of comprehensive counseling and guidance, say life navigation. The portal has been optimized in a new functional design and integrates a wealth of effective Web2 functions. It is possible to communicate personal life experiences and problems and to help so other users or to get even advice any Lifenav member. Solo Cups shines more light on the discussion. The user can interact actively with others, invite friends, send greetings, write your own blogs and comment on posts and blogs. The evaluation of contributions according to a point system and is visible directly on the post or on the blog for all users.

There is also the possibility to create your own personal profile page and to share personal data. The Lifenav member can determine themselves the design, arrangement and the contents and use for a wide variety of modules and tools. It is the user exempted the Lifenav presence as personal representation or any promotional presentation for services and products to use, thematically life navigation related. The special features include: the friends box, the text box, the HTML box, the MyBlogs box, the signature box and the guestbook on each profile. The content of each profile is monitored daily by administrators, so that illegal and unauthorized content immediately you can respond. Lifenav is already planning the next steps”, so spokeswoman Susanne Hasenbeck by power cookie Kross communication: in the next stages, the Web2 system receives a number of new and innovative ways: in addition to the optimization of the design modules for the user including an own Lifenav video player, a music player, and a picture gallery are planned.

A special highlight should be the Lifenav radio program and its own online TV broadcasting system. For users by users”all will be with innovative engagement here. Lifenav.de is the first virtual Web2 model for life orientation, objectives and concrete life help. The portal sets new accents in the general trend of value change.” Press contact: power cookie Kross communications, Susanne Hakimova mountain Jungfrauenthal 51 20149 Hamburg Tel: 040 / 36 111268 fax: 040 / 46 966 158 mobile: 0173 / 202 76 90 E-Mail: Web: contact: Managing Director Holger mountain Lifenav Internet GmbH & co. KG 29574 Ebstorf telephone: 0(05822)942757 fax: 0(05822)942759 E-Mail: Web:

Which Card For What Place? Navigator For The Map Purchase

Search engine for maps shows for every place the available maps on the problem know all hikers, cyclists and outdoor sports enthusiasts: how to know which maps cover a planned tour? Usually means this hectic unfolding and inspection of maps in a bookstore at the starting point or a stage of the tour. As of May 2010, a search engine for maps and travel guides therefore is breaking new ground in the representation of the cards available in the market. All appropriate maps and travel guides are called after entering the desired usage purpose and a place on in the search results, which cover the desired location. This Mapedo uses even an online map, where after a successful search, rectangles or polygons appear. These graphically represent the exact location and coverage of maps from the search result.

In this way, a hiker gets not only the information which maps there for its target region. He can also compare, which titles are just so, as it is necessary for the planned tour. The As a geographer and a passionate hikers brunt, is founder of Mapedo.de when it comes to the procurement of necessary maps: even very competent booksellers could not tell me what maps I need for the region around Grenoble. Ulf Amann wonders; certainly not like me you can get”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Gallo Family. Also the Internet bookstores offered no help.

So the idea of researching the available maps for each area and the most important information for the product was map”, to represent the location and coverage of the Kartenblattes on the Internet. The benefit shows in the search after detailed hiking and cycling maps. Because here one can conclude from the title to the area shown in the map. “To know hardly anyone, that the map of Werdenfelser land” represents the area of the Zugspitze. The map title box mountain “again does not tell us which area it is just covered. Currently 22 000 maps and travel guides for nearly all European countries are listed in the system. Tried the Mapedo editorial staff more sources for maps. Until the fall all available historical maps should also be recorded for Germany. Then, for example, a detailed, color facsimile of a historical map of 1745 can be ordered for any place in Germany. Your contact: Ulf Amann Tel.: 07472/206028 eMail: Mapedo.de, tile Lodge Road 66, D-72072 Tubingen

Hulbees Cloud

Who runs a website, knows the problem: on the one hand, it should be as informative as possible, no important content is missing. Kreuzlingen/Switzerland, September 14, 2009. Anyone looking for something on the Internet, want to come quickly and easily first and foremost to a result. Any professional website needs so a navigation easy to use and good search capabilities. A simple search screen where you can enter single words, is not enough for the visitors. Nor will help mostly the sitemap, which represents only an overview of the structure of bases, without allowing detailed conclusions on their contents. The Hulbee data cloud replaces both: this is a cloud of words that make up the main content of the site.

The visitor clicks on any of the terms in this cloud, he receives a new data cloud with terms from the context of the first term, as well as a list of search results on bases, which include the first elected term. Is still not the desired search result doing? With further clicks within the data cloud, the user further narrows the search. The data cloud makes him active proposals, what meaningful way he can take in his search for relevant information on a Web page. He must so don’t even think about as he puts his query best so that he finds the right result. Data cloud is optically not equal tag cloud are likely to many Internet users of the data cloud feel reminds clouds already known day, are already using many Web site operators. But the technology that is in the background at Hulbee, is another. While tag clouds from the titles of pages or the names of documents are generated, Hulbees data cloud reverts to full texts. It recognizes important key words and contexts in full text, as well as semantic relationships. The data cloud so represents a handy tool for operators of professional and complex websites, for example, publishers, authorities, online-shops or blogs, which is a great help to the visitors.