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Suunto Presents The New Core Alpine Edition

Suunto presents the new core Alpine Edition just in time for the preparatory phase of Red Bull X-Alps Zurich, June 22, 2011 – Suunto, the leading designer and manufacturer of sports precision instrument, presented a new Member of its popular core series: the Alpine Edition Suunto core. The new outdoor sports instrument is the ideal companion for alpine adventures of any kind – including for the upcoming adventure race Red Bull X-Alps, for which Suunto as official supporter acts. The new sporty Suunto core Alpine Edition combines classic design with reliable data, which everywhere ‘ 000 can be received meters above sea thanks to precise measurements in the world up to a height of 9. The ease of use ensures optimum safety also even under the most demanding conditions. The Alpine Edition is, as the name suggests, the perfect companion for any activities in the mountains”, explains Philippe Descombes, Sales Manager Suunto Switzerland. It provides essential functions for safe orientation like altimeter, barometer, compass, storm alarm and much more.

Depending on the activity, switching between altimeter and barometer is also automatically. The core delivers the right information at any time. This year Suunto is a partner for the third time in a row of Red Bull X-Alps, the arguably toughest adventure race in the world. The participants of the sports competition complete a non-stop race about 864 kilometers from Salzburg across through the Alps to the finish in Monaco. Only on foot or by glider they fight in any weather conditions by extremely challenging terrain, until the first pilot reaches the goal in Monaco. The Suunto core is the perfect tool for an adventure race as red”Bull X-Alps, confirmed Hannes arch, inventor of Red Bull X-Alps. You provide absolutely necessary direction, weather conditions and altitude the athletes.” The new Suunto core are models now in stores from CHF 459.-available.

Contact and more information of Amer Sports SA Philippe Descombes Tel. 041 784 26 26 Oppenheim & partner (Press Office) Florian Engi Tel. 044 515 65 00 about Suunto Suunto was founded in 1936 and celebrates this year 75. Anniversary. The company is a leader in the development and manufacture of sports precision instrument for diving and outdoor activities. Suunto products provide guidance and inspiration for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts, who appreciate design, accuracy and reliability. Suunto has its headquarters in Vantaa, Finland employs over 500 people and distributes its products in over 100 countries.

Thurgau Riitta

Reima mission: Children need plenty of fresh air and movement represents the Finn, sports expert and mother of two Riitta Hemminki Reima in the Switzerland for 25 years. According to Finnish tradition, children should spend every day several hours in the fresh air and move as much as possible to promote health. A broad survey of parents according to carried out the Reima in Scandinavia, can children increasingly play out through outdoor activities, get more fresh air and therefore develop a healthier eating and sleeping patterns. To share this awareness in times of increased TV and computer use, and the problem of obesity in children, Riitta trains since time immemorial sellers and sellers, to convey this message to the Swiss parents. The tradition lives Riitta: also I have my children already as babies for the NAP, the Nordic tradition accordingly, well wrapped in a baby carriage on the balcony at the fresh air set. My daughters never were ill and it also today rarely.”thanks to Reima is this possible.

Showroom, contact and more information: Michela Guttinger Finlink AG (Reima ), TMC textile and fashion center Thurgau str. 117, 8152 Zurich + 41 44 829 26 62, + 41 79 485 65 05, Florian Engi Oppenheim & Partner GmbH (Press Office), Zurich + 41 44 515 65 00, Reima that collection was first Reima in 1944 at the end of the second world war uniform fabrics of soldiers returning home from the war in Finland made. Today is Reima of leading Nordic manufacturer of children’s clothing. In the Scandinavian countries, as well as in the Switzerland and Russia Reima is among the market leaders with a turnover of 46 million euros in the year 2010. The Reima AG also includes the brands of Lassie, Tutta and progress. The company employs 100 people in Finland and 20 staff international, of which 5 in the Switzerland. In this country Reima marketed Finlink AG was established in textile Agency for 25 years by the by Riitta Hemminki. Functionality, Security, reliability, and innovation are basic factors for the design of all Reima products. Reima products are tested by the most honest and schonungslosesten test teams at all the children themselves.