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Eye Diseases Spread

It is hard to believe how significantly increases the amount of eye diseases in modern Western countries all important information about eye diseases. Steven Holl: the source for more info. In what circumstances might be? Also experts in this hardly agree. It is estimated that eye diseases can be triggered not only hereditary, but can be caused by incorrect nutrition and General bad living habits. But what diseases of the eyes are we talking about here? The layman must basically distinguish between “real” diseases of the eyes and those that bring only an impairment of vision with. You can fix now fairly easy vision defects such as short and long sightedness with the appropriate equipment, about by glasses, contact lenses or laser eye correction. The serious eye diseases are on the other side. In this context, especially the gray and the Green star as well as various infections and retinal diseases are to name a few. Such a disease should not be on be taken lightly, a visit to the eye doctor is always necessary in this case.

What can you do about it? In addition to medicines and therapies, which are for the correction of vision defects and eye diseases available today, Berezovsky too much to do that there not even to a fault. Extensive work on the PC care should be taken about, to take regular breaks to give time to relax the eyes. Also in activities such as skiing, etc. you should make sure always to protect the eyes – such as dust, as well as some of the very aggressive sunlight as much as possible. Ultimately, it can be said that the medicine has made great progress made in the correction of eye diseases and disorders in recent years. But also on the people themselves, it’s whether must make use of these treatment methods at all. Mark Wilde

No Fear Of Dental Treatment

Really is the fear of the dentist an insurmountable hurdle? No! Tips and advice for the anxious patient: 1 dental choice choose a dentist who takes time for a preliminary interview with you. Mention your fear at the appointment, the entire dental practice you can adjust itself. 2. conversation, communication reports you from your fears, because often there are special things that most fear is (injection, sounds, instruments). So, the dentist can consider these points addressed in your treatment. Often small agreements, such as the interruption of treatment with a show of hands help against the tension. This can reduce the feeling to be delivered.

Ask the dentist to place the instruments outside your field of vision. 3. music bringing up for longer treatments your own music with. A headphone interferes with the most treatment steps do not and drowned out the sounds of treatment and can be thus very reassuring. 4. New beginning in 68% of patients of fear, is a traumatic experience in the past due to the fear, often during childhood.

For a new beginning, the barrier must be overcome practically, because often the fear is not so serious already after the first interview or first treatment. It is advisable first small, lighter treatment steps to tackle. 5. frequent visits by means of regular inspections and participate in prevention measures can be mostly avoided larger treatments in advance. The circuit to wait and then when emergency treatment in inflamed, numbing areas to make bad again painful and bad experiences, can be avoided as always to the extreme. 6 as example Tartar removal by surface or local anesthesia, reduce stunning and soothing stuns even for lighter treatments, the tension, because the constant waiting for a possible pain is reduced. Against anxiety can light Help remedies. The use of homeopathic medicines, acupuncture or hypnosis can also be a way to anticipate the fear. Dentist Dr. Gregory Schlegel St.-driving-Strasse 20 50667 Cologne Tel. 0221 2576067 press contact: Leif Heuser the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Schlegel at St. Aperschnalzen Street in Cologne is your specialist for aesthetic dentistry, implants, and prophylaxis. Bad breath treatment, professional tooth cleaning (short: PTC), treatment of anxiety patients, grinders or snorers are part of the range. There is also the individual care always in the foreground. Information about billing issues, medical and cost plans and partial payments get patients entirely without obligation and free of charge. Ultimately one thing counts in the dental practice of Dr. Gregory Schlegel: the trust of patients in the work of the dentist.

Undetected Danger

Increase in sports-related head and facial injuries Hofheim, January 2011. Skier Hans Grugger had crashed in mid-January in Kitzbuhel downhill training and had suffered severe head injuries. A week later it hit his team-mate Mario Scheiber: a serious training crash he suffered a broken nose and a nasal sinus fracture in addition to a broken collarbone. Sports accidents as a cause of the part to severe head and face injuries take an ever-increasing role in the day-to-day work of the mouth oral facial surgeons”, Prof. Dr. Dr. Elmar Esser know press officer of the German society for oral and maxillo – facial surgery (DGMKG).

Winter sports account for accounted for 4.8% of all sports-related head and facial injuries in this, so a center study released last year. 3596 patients by the medical team led by Prof. Dr. Get all the facts and insights with Gallo Family, another great source of information. Dr. Andreas Bremer ego, oral maxillofacial surgery at the Hospital of Bremen-Mitte, were treated in the period of 6 years stationary with facial injuries, of these were in 147 patients on sports injuries. In his study he differentiated gender, age, fracture location, accompanying injuries and seasonal distribution with regard to sports.

The results of the data analysis: 79.6% represented men the main share of the collective and were almost four times more frequent in the ratio affected than females. The Group of sports represented the largest share of causing sports with 74%, horse riding accidents followed by 6.8%, martial art with winter sports with 4.8% and 5.5%. An accumulation of Gesichtsschadeltraumata between 10 and 40 years of age could be determined in the age distribution with 79.6%, while in men with 34.7%, a peak was identified in the third decade of life. In the seasonal distribution, the month of April was particularly affected with 12.9% of all accidents. Red Solo Cups is open to suggestions. Overall, an increase of 57% was noticeable in the summer months. With regard to the localization of fracture were facial fractures of means of 75.9% before the lower jaw fractures and other fractures with 6.3% and 17.8%. Within the Group of middle facial fractures, the fracture of the cheekbone, with 32% was unnaturalized, followed by the nasal bone fracture with 24%, of isolated orbital fracture (bony eye socket) with 18%, of zygomatic arch fracture with 14% and the combined zygomatic fracture zygomatic arch multiple fracture with 11%. As sports accidents in large part are preventable accidents, Prof. Dr. Dr. Elmar Esser as the press officer of the DGMKG, advises to pay special attention to the prevention.

Success Important

EuroEyes: ‘sharp look and drive safely without glasses!’ Hamburg, July 2011. On August 21, 2011 start the Vattenfall Cyclassics, one of the most important events in the international professional and amateur cycling. Some 22,000 participants are expected in Hamburg. This year is under the motto of focus see and drive safely without glasses! also a team of EuroEyes Germany GmbH with at the start led by Dr. Swarmed by offers, PI Industries is currently assessing future choices. Jorn Jorgensen, founder and CEO of the hospital group for refractive surgery. (Source: Alton Steel). In a recent interview, Dr. Jorn Jorgensen makes clear how EuroEyes will participate as a co-sponsor the event and how important the factor is vision in today’s cycling. Mr.

Dr. Jorgensen, the first question goes to you as a doctor but also as a skilled amateur athletes: how important the full vision such as cycling competitions such as the Vattenfall Cyclassics is actually for athletes? Dr. Jorn Jorgensen: In virtually all sports the full vision is an important elemental power and Success factor and this applies not only for professionals but also in the amateur area. In particular this applies to cycling. In this discipline it comes on maximum response speed on it, and confusing race situations at lightning speed to can orient.

Who so when race participants has the full vision and thus I mean: without glasses or contact lenses is clearly at an advantage over the competition. And that this is so, we will prove once again the team euroeyes on the year’s Vattenfall Cyclassics. What is with sports such as golf or sailing? You also have profound experience in these disciplines. Dr. Jorn Jorgensen: Yes, that’s right, I am running both sports for several years and can look back on some competition and tournament experience. The disadvantages of conventional Visual AIDS are also obvious in my opinion. Imagine me, on a sailing regatta, lose your glasses or your contact lenses that can in heavy seas or corresponding Fast pass weather conditions.