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Nokian Tyres

So, to save nearly 300 euros at a normal mileage of 40 000 kilometres. At the same time the CO2 emissions of the car will be smaller.” Nokian eco tyre test winners are in the car engine and sports car tire test Nokian eco tires are winner highly recommended in the auto motor and sport tire test 2011 and also test winner with highly recommended car, had the best judgment at ADAC and Foundation were test 2011, with well were there particularly recommended 2010 and car were awarded as highly recommended in the newspaper 2011. This summer tyre tests have also demonstrated Nokian eco tires not only relatively good spirits, but offer also high safety in wet conditions. Together perfectly to combine both qualities, is the particular strength of the Finnish premium fuel tires, because eco tires bring mostly low adhesion on wet surfaces. And then it becomes dangerous. If car tires have enough air, they can even rip through the greater flexing.

But also damage such as cracks, dents, or profile outbreaks can cause Frost spalling. Pressure too high reduce the security, also because then the footprint is smaller, less power can be transferred, and the tire uses are only Middle AB. Tread depth indicator and aquaplaning indicator warning against too low profile and risk of aquaplaning safety also depends on the tyre tread. The tread depth indicator of DSI (driving safety indicator) on the Nokian Tyres displays the groove depth as a number from 8 to 2. An aquaplaning indicator with water drop symbol warns of danger of aquaplaning. Only four millimeters remaining profile will disappear and so indicate an increased risk. Because to prevent aquaplaning and the braking distances in wet conditions short enough, the minimum depth of the main grooves should be four millimeters. The tread depth indicator DSI with the display of the groove depth as a number and the aquaplaning indicator with the water drop icon are patented innovations by Nokian Tyres has no other tire manufacturer.

Bike Navigation: Naviki Routes

Users can extend the cycle path network / mobile apps Center of this week came news of a new bicycle routing of Internet service provider Google across the Atlantic. What Google now in selected cities of the United States provides, the German Internet portal for a few weeks for all over Germany can naviki.org: provides for the simple input of start and finish Naviki wish route for bicycle traffic. The free system originated in a project at the University of applied sciences (MUAS). In contrast, the non-commercial Naviki relies on the integration of information of users to Google. “Therefore all cyclists at Naviki even GPS can publish recorded way: no one can better map out optimal bicycle connections and characterize as the team cyclists”, Naviki Development Manager Sven Luzar is safe. Naviki includes all paths that are uploaded by users in routing if necessary.

Naviki wraps the routes suitable for the bicycle of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project to provide a close-meshed network. OSM is also one of users created map in the Internet. Due to this data base, which contains many information about little-known shortcuts, the Naviki routing for bicycle traffic is particularly suitable. So far is a beta version of the system available, which will permanently improve the team of University of applied sciences and expand. Currently uses Naviki of but also cards based on the U.S. giant. We show the Google maps for orientation behind our network of cycle routes, calculate the routes but only with Naviki – and OSM data”discusses Luzar. In April it also free Naviki applications for bicycle routing with iPhone and Android phones give. Achim Hennecke