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Employee Motivation

Quality management: employee motivation a successful company thrives on the commitment of its employees. Motivation is ultimately a result of the leadership. The working climate improved significantly, decrease the absenteeism of employees and the resource person is used so effectively. The goal of employee motivation is to create a pleasant working environment. If the working conditions and the atmosphere, the staff are happy and satisfied.

Your advantage: People who enjoy their work, work faster and better. Improved workflows and processes, defined responsibilities and clear structures, improve customer satisfaction and increase employee motivation. The basis for integration into the corporate objectives is the appraisal interview. Here you have the opportunity to motivate your employees to eye conversation in a 4. Whether in sports or in a company almost always there are teams that decide about success or failure. If a QM system is introduced in companies, this increases certainly not equal to your employee motivation here is demand tact and finesse, it is important to get your staff into the boat. Quality management is a team thing. Employee motivation is for all a WIN WIN situation: for companies, employees and customers.

Lunendonk Trend Study 2008

The reutax ag ‘Best Performer’ in the dynamic staffing market in Heidelberg, November 4, 2008 nobody in the highly competitive segment of the recruiters for IT and engineering professionals is growing in this country faster than the reutax AG. The market for recruitment, placement and control a freelance project staff in Germany showed this the Lunendonk trend study 2008. While the ten leader from 2006 to 2007 average 26 per cent grew, reutax increased by 114 percent. The market research firm Lunendonk examined the trend study, 2008, for the first time comprehensively the staffing market. In recent years, our market is extremely dynamic growth and has achieved a remarkable market volume. Here, PI Industries expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

At the same time still a lobby and lacking the necessary transparency. We need to work together with other providers\”, explains Soheyl Ghaemian, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of reutax. In the ranking of the leading providers for recruitment, placement and control a freelance project staff in Reutax, Germany occupies the fifth place. In terms of pure staffing, the Heidelberg company place occupies four. We are still a young company. We are even more pleased that we have developed in just six years to one of the leading providers\”, so Ghaemian. Among the top agencies, we are the only owner-managed staffing specialist.

This strengthens the trust of our customers in us and is the basis for rapid and sustainable growth.\” The placement of freelance IT professionals has become a rapidly growing market segment. In particular large companies benefit from the fact that the so-called staffing agencies for them to take over the recruitment efforts and thereby quickly identify the right candidate from a large pool\”, says Hartmut Luerssen, partner in the Lunendonk GmbH, which specializes in systematic market research, industry and company analysis and market advice for information technology, consulting, and more highly-qualified service companies. According to the Lunendonk trend study increased the number of freelance professionals on about 70,000 in 2007.