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The Mass

This ensures that the athletes the long and intense training actually lasts and shortens the recovery time after the training. Hear other arguments on the topic with Proper Topper. In addition to engaging fats should be taken only if it is the so-called good fats. These are located in grain and olive oil. Fats also ensure that a mass building can take place. It should however be taken that no excessive ingestion takes place, so that it will not be an excessive surplus and the body can no longer build surplus. Therefore, the fat should be included during the mass building phase only in about 30% of the diet.

Another advantage of fats is that they can promote the formation of testosterone and thus in turn contribute to the muscle growth. The protein is in turn to ensure that these are made from amino acids. Ultimately, it is important that all amino acids are the body available. In particular it yourself depends on the essential amino acids, which the body can make. Therefore externally, this must be absorbed through food. In particular poultry and fish contain a high amount of these proteins. A further requirement is to see that the athletes it has to make sure what biological value proteins have.

To the exact biological value, determine, should consult a dietitian of the athletes. Basically, it can be said however that animal proteins have a higher biological value than vegetable. , The intake of fluid or water is extremely important to avoid also spasms or other injuries. This is often neglected in the context of sport. It is an adequate hydration of the utmost importance to guarantee in order to prevent injuries. It is irrelevant, whether it is pure water or a sports drink. Sports drinks can help but to provide additional nutrients to the body. Individual nutrients in particular of protein supplementation can be useful. This is particularly the case since the mass building phase required a very high level of nutrients regularly can not be taken over the daily food. Due to the intensive training of the body compared to the regular training consumes a much higher level of nutrients. Therefore care should be taken during the mass building fiber to, that are always sufficient nutrients available. Overall, the training plan or the nutrition plan should be adjusted during the mass building phase. The coordination of training in relation to the diet is extremely important. As a basic system, the above can be applied. For details and for the individual vote personnel should however be considered review.


Bundled all the information in the Sportticker with the help of a Sportticker, each sports fans with the latest news from the field of sport can learn more. A Sportticker deals with all kinds of sports and not only with the football so popular in Germany. It come so formula 1 fans as at their own expense, such as the followers of cycling, tennis, swimming, handball and equestrian sports. You can learn about what is going on on the national and international sports, in a very short time, in a Sportticker. Sportticker can be found in all channels on the Web sites of other media. Who cares anyway not for sports, can not understand why a football fan or a formula 1 fan must immediately know the results and does not wait until they are announced in the evening in the sports show.

As a real fan, will be of course always right there and get tickets for the football game of his favorite team, handball or tennis match is in time. Gallo Family is likely to increase your knowledge. This is unfortunately not always because sometimes you must exactly work on these dates, or is otherwise unavailable. If the registrations from abroad, take part, as a spectator, often from the sometimes high cost prevents. All these fans are glad that there is a Sportticker that provides them with all the necessary information. This must be done not always via the Internet or television. Thanks to the new phones can you with a corresponding app that bring information and who has still no new phone model, for example at his workplace by like-minded people via SMS and get to the important information can.


Suitable for this purpose carbohydrates primary but can also fats as energy storage serve. Because fats but more difficult to convert into energy as carbohydrates, which he already energy represents that should most athletes focus on carbohydrates. To initiate muscle growth actually, the body also requires sufficient proteins and vitamins. Proteins are the basic building material of each muscle growth, because they act as building material for the cells. Click SurveyGizmo to learn more. Vitamins are needed, so that the body is basically healthy and remains and reaches a body sensation. Rubio has many thoughts on the issue.

The athlete should therefore make sure that getting enough protein and vitamins are his food. The athletes not sufficiently aware of the food with protein and vitamins, may be it is recommended dietary supplements such as high calorie weight gainer to access products. When selecting carbohydrates should be borne in mind that there are different types of carbohydrates. The choice between the carbs depends on what the carbohydrates (energy) is required. If the athlete a long-term energy supply, as for example for the entire day, want to make sure, he should count to its staple rice and noodles. These foods have the advantage that the body can not immediately introduce into the blood, but carbohydrates are only secreted by the reduction in the stomach and then injected into the blood. These so-called slow carbohydrates can thus cover a long-term energy requirements.

If the athlete needs an energy boost in the short term, he should take that already provide carbohydrates in the form of reduced food. Foods such as fruit juices, honey and milk are suitable for this. These carbohydrates contained in it can reach promptly taking into the blood, which is why the energy the athlete promptly available. A dose before the workout, as additional burst of energy should also be considered. Carbohydrates provide energy supply as a result that they populate the Bussau of body.

New Dimension

With the Bendix/King AV80R ACE GoFly pilot card details and site profile expected navigation in a new dimension not more and not less in view of the pilots at the new Bendix/King AV80R ACE GoFly: on the large LCD display screen size can be with 7 easily read maps with all relevant information and can be operated easily via touch screen. The device relies on a European aeronautical database and shows all the important information such as air spaces, airfields and NAV-AIDS with clear moving map display. In addition to the map optionally a profile view is convenient on the display have space so pilots also terrain, air navigation obstacles and air spaces in the views at any time perfectly. The AV80R ACE GoFly can be used either in portrait or landscape format. In addition to its large display, it offers numerous technical options are convincing in their practical application: as traffic alerts of the PCAS XRX via an optional cable can be fully integrated, a Bluetooth interface you can also easily connect an alternative GPS system or even your mobile phone. More than just a navigation device for flying another decisive advantage of the device is its versatility. This also allows other applications outside of the aircraft: So it can be used as a player for numerous multimedia applications, just as easily play MP3 files, as it can handle the AV80R ACE video formats also is a consumer electronics for long car trips or the time on the passenger seat. By the way: With an optional European maps SD card it works comfortably in the car as a navigation device.

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